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Back in the days when cooked fruit was an important element of cuisine and diet, the quince was a popular, widely planted tree. Most modern Americans would not even recognize this distinctive fruit, and it is approaching virtual extinction in the marketplace - save for ethnic (Mediterranean and Asian) specialty grocers.

Nonetheless, the quince deserves a place in any orchard where beauty and fragrance are valued; the large pale blossoms and soft foliage are certainly ornamental - and the fragrance of a ripe (or over-ripe) quince fruit will fill a room with its perfume. It can also serve the useful kitchen function of adding zest to recipes relying on more ordinary fruit, especially supermarket apples. Just don't bite into an uncooked specimen.

We offer two varieties: Apple, aka Orange - the common homestead variety; and Pineapple - a somewhat larger, more refined version developed by Luther Burbank.

The quince takes on a multi-stemmed bush form unless trained rigorously as a tree. They require about 15 foot spacing, and the trees are self-fertile. While we have made grafted quince trees from time to time, we are currently propagating them on their own roots by cuttings.


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