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"A wicket gate into the ancestral estate of a queeen whose reign has no end..."

Ethelyn Emery Keays, Old Roses 1935



American Rose Society - The mothership organization for U.S. rose lovers since its establishment in 1892.... its large website offers a calendar of events, plus links to numerous regional and local groups. Membership brings its quarterly magazine as well as the The Rose Annual - plus many other benefits for rose aficianados.

Heritage Rose Groups - In 1975 a half dozen devoted rosarians decided to turn their informal round robin contacts into a genuine society for Fellowship, Study, and Preservation of heritage varieties. Designed along six regional lines to facilitate personal participation & specific advice for members, it is still serving as a very user-friendly way to discover and enjoy the Old Roses. Interesting online Newsletter....

Heritage Rose Foundation- Since 1986, this American society has been formally dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the classic Roses; membership helps the Foundation to conserve these lovely roses and promote their wider use in gardens. Its Journal Rosa Mundi is of exceptional quality, offering in-depth articles with lovely period illustrations & photos of international gardens. Whether you're an old rose hand or new to these plants, Rosa Mundi belongs in your world.

Pacific Horticulture Society - Created from three West Coast societies in 1968, the P.H.S. is THE organization for anyone who gardens in California, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. It specifically caters to gardeners facing the complexities of gardening in these bio-regions and encourages the unique horticulture possible here. Its wonderful journal Pacific Horticulture is beautifully essential reading.

Royal National Rose Society - The oldest specialist plant society in the world... founded in1876. Its Historic Roses Group acts as international guardian angel for these rose classes. The R.N.R.S. Journals constitute a record of the Rose's development - and the R.N.R.S. Garden at St. Albans showcases the full range of the Genus Rosa.

Royal Horticultural Society - The establishment of this society in 1804 marked the beginning of formal gardening organizations, and the Society has remained at the very forefront of horticulture for centuries. The three & one-half acre R.H.S. garden at Wisley was gifted to the Society by Sir Thomas Hanbury in 1903, and exemplifies "the combination of learning with pleasure" that is Wisley's mission; R.H.S headquarters are at Vincent Square, London. The Society's Spring and Autumn Shows plus summer's celebrated Chelsea Show offer displays of highly skilled plantsmanship by renowned horticulturalists, both commercial and private...

World Federation of Rose Societies - A confederation of 40 rose societies from around the globe... a clearinghouse of information about worldwide rose happenings.



Europa Sangerhausen - The world's largest rose collection: approximately 7000 varieties on 31 acres west of Leipzig. It officially opened in 1903 - and through two world wars and several difficult decades as part of "East Germany" - this institution has maintained its status at the pinnacle of international rosariums.

Roseraie Val de Marne - Formerly known as the Roseraie de L'Hay, containing one of France's great collections of the Rose.... Established by Monsieur Jules Gravereaux, it was the first garden devoted exclusively to a single plant - with over 3000 varieties and 182 species roses. Its extensive Museum and Library display objects and documents pertaining to the Rose and its history. A pilgrimage site....

Mottisfont Abbey - This walled garden houses the National Trust collection of Old Roses, originally gathered and installed by the great British rosarian G.S. Thomas.

Royal Botanical Garden at Kew -The earth's premier scientific research institution dedicated to the plant kingdom. On its 300 acres along the Thames River, Kew conserves the planet's largest and most diverse botanical collections....

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Cranford Rose Garden - Though he is now retired, Stephen Scanniello - a Great Rosarian and author of several wonderful rose books - curated this flowery oasis for decades...... It remains a New York delight.

Descanso Gardens - Once an historic 150-acre ranch on El Camino Real, this Los Angeles area garden now covers 21 acres, including a very large rose collection on five acres. An exceptional Southern California horticultural destination...

The Huntington Botanical Gardens- One of the country's most magnificent horticultural showplaces, with a dozen different gardens covering 120 acres- most notably an outstanding Rose Collection. The Huntington Library is internationally renowned for its art, history, and literature holdings, including very rare manuscripts.

San Jose Heritage Rose Garden - America's largest collection of old and new roses.... Originally planned and planted as a "rose encyclopedia" when dedicated in 1995 - it is frequently called the "Sangerhausen of the West". Impressively maintained by the volunteers of the South Bay Heritage Rose Society.

Portland Rose Garden - Portland has called itself "The City of Roses" for more than a century, and the Portland Rose Festival has been a celebration of civic pride since 1907. Its beautful public rose garden - the oldest in the U.S. - reflects this focus. Set on a hillside with breathtaking views, it is a centerpiece of the 130 acre Washington Park, which also features a large Japanese Garden and Hoyt Arboretum.

University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley- Established in 1890, its 34 acres shelter nearly 20,000 different plants - many rare and endangered species from ecosystems around the globe. This makes it one of the largest and most diverse gardens in the U.S. Just one of many exceptional features is its Collection of Old Roses.

Filoli - An exquisite jewel of the San Francisco Bay Area.... one of America's finest surviving country estates. The "understated and elegant" home is set in a wonderful 16 acre garden, which includes a very large Heritage Orchard. Under the care of the National Trust for Historic Preservation since the 1970's, this noteworthy landscape has been developed and refined by Director of Horticulture Lucy Tolmach. Filoli stands out as an educational and cultural venue that is lovely in every season!



Thomas Newton Cook Rose Collection - Housed in the Portland Public Library's Rare Book Room, this unparalleled collection contains hundreds of volumes, including every classic work of rose literature, even Redoute's 1817-1824 handpainted plates of the roses at Malmaison. (See our link Rose Literature for more on this exceptional American treasure.) NOTE: Rare Book Room is currently closed for renovation; check the Library website for updates on progress....

Schumacher Library - Affliated with the 16 acre Olbrich Botanical Gardens at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Specializing in Midwest gardening challenges....

Andersen Horticultural Library - With 16,000 volumes and 350 periodicals, this noteworthy institution is situated on the grounds of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, University of Minnosota. The Library houses North America's largest collection of current and vintage seed & nursery catalogs.

Lindley Library - Originally begun in 1514, this collection has grown to become the world's finest botanical book collection - under the guardianship of the Royal Horticultural Society. With branches at both Wisley and the Vincent Square headquarters in London, the Library continues to offer scholars an unparalleled resource of literature pertaining to the Plant Kingdom.


FORUMS, etc.

Rogers Roses - Website of the eminent British horticultual author and expert Roger Phillips.... boasts a huge cache of rose photographs and an array of useful features.

Great Rosarians of the World ™ - Hosted by Clair Martin, former curator of the Huntington's Rose Garden..... in 2001 he instituted an annual Award for outstanding service to the Rose. The conference at which the Award and accompanying Lecture are presented is held alternate years at the Huntington and at the New York Botanical Garden, site of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.

Garden Web - The largest gardening information and interactive community online.

Dave's Garden- All things considered "For gardeners, By Gardeners" .... Home of the famous "Garden Watchdog", keeping nurseries on their toes - or else.

Help Me Find ™ - Interested in a particular rose? This site provides a treasure trove of information: descriptions, photographs, evaluations, & commercial sources. "Indispensable" is the word everyone uses - for good reason.

Combined Rose List - Before there was Googling, there was this amazing compendium of thousands of varieties and hundreds of nurseries.... all compiled and published by Bev Dobson; eventually, she was assisted by Peter Schneider - who for years now has managed the entire task himself. It would be difficult to overstate how marvelous a tool this was for questing rosarians in "olden times" pre-internet - and it still serves extremely well today..... The thick paperback is issued annually.

Great Plant Picks- A production of the J.C. Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University. Excellent to browse for uncommon ideas and inspiration...

Garden Conservancy - "Saving America's Garden Masterpieces".... The first national organization dedicated to promoting awareness of America's finest private gardens - and helping protect their future. Annual booklet of special garden tours....

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One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them.

Virginia Woolf ( 1882 - 1941 ) Hours in a Library


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